Rowing World Cup Munich 2010

On the weekend from the 18th to the 20th of June the Rowing World Cup 2010 took place at the Olympia regatta track in Munich and the Jacobs Rowing Team was invited to participate in the Stӓdte Regatta. Coming together from all parts of Germany, we managed to have a crew for our eight Frieda. Considering that we never rowed together in that constellation and just had 15 minutes of practice before the race, the two 250 m sprints went surprisingly smooth.

Already on Saturday we could watch the national teams’ semifinals, were fascinated by the latest developments on the rowing market, and tried out high quality rowing ergometers.

On Sunday we witnessed the victory of the German male eight and cheered for all the other races as well, always impressed by the high performances and perfect techniques of the national teams.

This experience gave us a great insight into professional rowing and even more motivation to further improve next season. The international atmosphere made us feel at home and some of us also talked to rowers of the Romanian and the British National Teams. We even saw the two women of the German National Team we had already met in our training camp in Rostock again.

Next to our time at the Olympia Regatta track, some of us experienced real Southern German culture for the first time in a typical Brauhaus with Pretzels and Spӓtzle.

Thanks to our generous Sponsor Mr. Lürssen we were able to enjoy an amazing weekend full of inspiring rowing experiences and were very happy to see each other one more time during our summer break.

Sarah & Venja