Bremer Meisterschaft – start into the new season

On the 18th of September the Jacobs Rowing Team started into the new season at the “Bremer Meisterschaft”. A total of 30 students from Jacobs University took part in the regatta with 7 boats. The teams consisted mostly of absolute beginners lead by more experienced second and third year rowers.


As soon as the boats touched the water of the Werdersee the freshmen from the teams Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Orange and Green felt the tension of their first rowing competition. After a couple of warm up rounds in the quiet waters of Werdersee, the teams lined up for the first qualification round. After a surprisingly quick start, the teams swiftly focused on the coach’s advice and tried to work together as a steam machine. It was the first time for many of the new team members to row that hard for so long. When the finish line was crossed, many had pushed themselves beyond their limits.

There was little time for the teams to restore their strength for the final race. Team Black, Red and Orange as well a boat from HSBA went for victory in the competition. At first team black took the lead followed by the HSBA team, team Red and team Orange. Slowly but surely the other teams caught up and the winner was to be determined in the final meters. The 3 weeks of practice proved to be not enough to keep up the good pace throughout the whole race. In the end centimeters separated the first three teams. HSBA won closely followed by team Black, team Red and team Orange.

During this day the freshmen got to experience the great team spirit of the Jacobs Rowing Team and to be a part of the big rowing community. The foundations of a great new rowing year were laid. Since such an outcome was achieved after just a couple of outings on the water, the prospect of future events seems bright. With lots of new faces and enthusiasm the Jacobs Rowing Team is on the way for a successful and fun season.

Yulia, Kusrt & Ivo