When boats first touched the water on the morning of October 31st, the rowing team of Jacobs University did not seem too excited about the day that was about to come. It seemed to consist of rowing for basically the whole day, clouds as far as the eye can see, constant rain mixed with fog- but the mood suddenly changed when the practice was over and the students saw about 40 people waiting in front of the boat house: the club members of the Vegesacker Ruderverein. After a few announcements of the president and a couple of first beers, the rowers started to get the boats on the Lesum, and the crews (both consisting of VRV and Jacobs rowers) began their trip to the restaurant “Hofstätte” 12 km down the river. One of the highlights was certainly the ride in the “Kirchboot” which fits twelve people that row next to each other in pairs, reminding some of the students of a viking longboat. During the ride to the restaurant, the rowers fought the bad weather by singing songs, telling stories and downing one or another “Schnäpschen” or beer.

Once at the restaurant, the traditional German pea soup was more than appreciated by the teams, as most of them did not have breakfast and were frozen to the marrow. But, maybe because of the many toasts to the VRV, the Jacobs team, and to rowing itself, people warmed up quickly and enjoyed the company of so many rowers in one place – the mood could not have been better! The meal once more provided opportunities for both parties to get to know each other. This worked so well that some people even organized to purposely mix their boat crews for the way back with rowers they had met during the day. Around 2 pm, the group started its way back, looking forward to a nice, hot shower and a comfortable bed – it had been a great day that founded a wonderful basis for further successful companionship between the Jacobs Rowing Team and the Vegesacker Ruderverein, making everybody look forward to the Heringsessen in November, being the next event where all of the rowers will meet again.

By Anne Valtink

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