Heringsessen 2010


It is becoming more and more common for the Jacobs Rowing Team to take part in the club events of the VRV. And of course the Heringsessen was not exception. Around 20 rowers had found the time in their busy academic schedule to attend this wonderful event that was perfectly organized by the VRV. At first there was the obligatory speech by the vice-president of the club and the distribution of cups and recognition medals. The Rowing team was once again proud to receive the largest Cup on the table for winning the Boat Race as well as having added many kilometres to the clubs total. But it came as somewhat of a surprise when our coach Lars Schröder was called forth to receive a medal for his fantastic coaching and the extraordinary dedication he has shown to the team. This obviously resulted in a loud round of applause by all guests present but especially the members from the Rowing Team.

After the speech it was finally time for food and the whole team dug in and had a great time eating and drinking the two bottles of sparkling wine that were so kindly donated for the great team effort by the vice-president Uwe Vielstich. It went on to be a cheerful night which again gave the rowers the opportunity to mingle with the club members and be more integrated into the club as a whole. All in all the evening was a great success and most rowers left with a full stomach and a warming feeling into the cold winter night.


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