ErgoCup 2011

Its amazing how fast time flies by. One day your in a van, heading towards a training camp, and suddenly, three weeks later, its the day before the event; in this case, the Ergo Cup:


After a large part of the team had already spent their morning and afternoon (Some of us had class) preparing the stage and setting up the IRC, there was only one ritual left before the ergo cup 2010 could kick-off. A pasta dinner (Noodle Party) in which we were honored with the presence of president Treusch, who also used this opportunity to give us the yearly (or so I’ve heard) instructions regarding our competition with the HSBA. The outlook: Awesome! The wish of the president has to be meet, and his desire for a complete victory, both on the ergs and on water, (in his words): “This year we are going to break the tradition were the winner on the ergs looses on the water in Hamburg” is one the team will only be to happy to fulfill.


After a night of rest (more or less) the team was ready to rock. The day started of extremely good, with Sarah outdoing herself in the Women’s single 2k competition, her time: an insane 7:14.5. With this time she become second behind the former world champion Daniela Molle!

In the Four Relay Women’s Race we had two teams, the Red with Wiebke Renken, Lisa Rullik, Marie Rushfeldt and Annika Ballent and the “Purple” with Anna-Lena Schindl, Venja Schweneker; Savannah Carr-Wilson and Eileen Wehmann. Actually the “Red” Team reached the final!

The second men’s eight joined the “Open Eight Sprint”. In this team the Jacobs University was represented by Mark Nikolka, Oliver Barnstedt, Ivaylo Enchev; Philipp Henessy, Fransisc Bungui, Jan Dörrie, Lukas Friedemann, Andrew Rose (from Lafayette). They made their job quit well against the sophisticated rowing teams. Even the the Bremer Ruder Bundesliga Team joined this event, which the won.

Last but not least the Jacobs Rowing Team showed up in the Four Relay Mixed with Hoi-Koeng Ng, Max Rasche, Lea Kliem and Vicky Rivera Marrero.

Even in the As the day went on, my nervousness increased rapidly. We all had of course done several 2ks before, some more than others, and I thought I knew what to expect: burning muscles, a nagging voice, asking myself what insanity had overcome me to undergo this torture willingly, and a louder voice behind me, yelling into my ear that I was almost done, and that I should up the effort! Like I wasn’t already giving everything I had. However, as we came up to watch the girls dominate their 1k race against the HSBA, which they won with a margin of about 20 seconds, (3:93.5 Jacobs, 4:00 HSBA) I realized that this would be totally different. Apart from the usual physical pressure, there now where several dozens of people, shouting and watching us, and rather than having to best our respective times, we now had to beat an unknown time of another team. Well, after an excruciating 1000m or so, during which I zoned out, I suddenly woke up to an increasing noise level. Since I was erging, I wasn’t too aware of what exactly was going on, but then the screams of 3m!!, 2m!! began to make sense, when Lars’s face suddenly appeared before me, shouting that we were catching up, and that the other team was already exhausted and could no longer keep the lead. That was the turning point, and about two minutes later the race was over, and the team, partly paralyzed and extremely exhausted, attempted to make it of the platform without falling.

Jacobs vs. HSBA: Men’s Eight
Johannes Deselaer, Julian Thürer, Benjamin Thies, Andrey Raykov, Kerst Mattner, Egmont Gassert, Steffen Wittek, Stephan Hürholz

And that was it. The first rowing event of my second semester, one of many to come (I hope), was over in a bit under 7 minutes. ( 6:48.4 Jacobs, 6:51.3 HSBA) We had won, due to the amazing times of our teams best, especially Johannes, who set up a new 2k split record (must be a hobby of his) of 6:14 while rowing quite a bit more than 2 kilometers.

What mad the Ergo Cup, or any rowing event I’ve been part of so far, so great, and worth the effort, is that the entire team, even those sick or injured, were part of the experience, and gave it their all to make an amazing event. just for that effort alone, I think the win was deserved, just like the mostly unremembered Party(‘s) later that night.

Thanks also to the Alumis of our Rowing Teams from the last years. Steffen Hauth, the capatin of honour of our rowing team came with his club from Mainz and Petar Dobrev, the stroke from the last years eight and Prodan rowed together in Open Eight Sprint.

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