An emotional rowing weekend in Amsterdam

On the morning of March 19th 2011 the Jacobs university rowing team began their five hour journey to Amsterdam , Netherlands. The ride there was a very quiet one to say the least. Some may attribute this to the time at which they had to begin the journey (5:30am) or because some had spent the night partying though we all know that they were all dreaming of the next day ‘ s game plan. Upon arrival to the magnificently sunny city of Amsterdam the team was eager to get out of the vehicles and explore their new surroundings. There were many distractions that could have stopped anyone but our dedicated team wasted no time in changing and going out onto the water. Both the men and the women’s team had an amazing practice outing and brought back happy sunburned faces to the dock to prove it. After finding the hostel the team settled in and joined together in the canteen for a nice dinner. It was a good experience to share together as a team and to eat food not provided by aramark for a change. After dinner The team and of course their lovely assistants (Vicky Rivera and Karel Kingsley) decided to take tour of the city center. After a few hours of trying to find a bar that would fit a party of 20 they finally found a Spanish/Mexican restaurant that would fit them all as long as someone ordered nachos. Afterward the team headed back to the hostel for some shut eye.

With sunlight flooding the rooms, the teams woke up fresh and ready for the races that lay ahead. The first race that began was that of the Men’s eight which was made up of Ben T., Andrey R. , Julian T., Johannes D., Oliver B., Kerst , Andy R., Stephan H. The men got off to a rough start but then they picked it up once they reached the 1/3 of-the-way mark of the race. They kept unified as a team as their coxswain (Aenne Schoop) led them through the race. Although the Men finished 14th out of 15 teams, they all had one thing to say afterwards: that they were satisfied with their collective effort as a team. The women started their race in the late afternoon. While the women started their race father up the river, the Jacobs fans were waiting further down the river to capture the perfect snapshots of the them in action- and of course to cheer them on. Many teams passed by the point where the fans were waiting- there was no Jacobs Women #370 to be seen. Shortly came the phonecall that entailed unfortunate news. The women (Adriana T.; Annika B., Anne V., Eileen W., Mira S., Anna-Lena S., Venja S., Sarah B. with their cox Matthias S.) had never made it to the point of the fans because they had been disqualified. About 2 kilometers in to the race, the women were hit by an Dutch team in their boat. Two boats were trying to overtake the Jacobs women’s boat, but one got too close and snapped the oar of Jacobs rower, Anika Ballant. This left our team with 7 oars and unable to continue the race. This unfortunate event cut the teams time in the water, the race and in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Shortly after the accident the team packed their belongings and de-rigged the boat as the women fought to have their case heard by the race officials. It was a unanimous feeling amongst the team that it was unfair that they were hit by another team and disqualified for the consequences that the other team had brought upon them. It wasn’t until Thursday, March 24th that the officials finally decided that this Dutch team would be given a penalty of 15 seconds as compensation for the involuntary disqualification of the Jacobs women’s team. One would think that due to the unfortunate events it would be a gloomy, quiet ride home back to Bremen, but the team kept their spirits up and managed to still make fun out of their trip away from home. At around 10 o’clock that Sunday night, the first van arrived on campus and the team infiltrated back on the quiet dark campus, ready to continue their studies the next day and be ready for practice early Tuesday morning.

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