The Third Annual Breakfast with Mr. Luerssen


Thursday April, 14th 2011 will be remembered as the foggiest outing in the Jacobs University rowing team history, making it impossible to row more than twenty strokes without fearing to hit another boat. More important, however, was the subsequent third annual breakfast with the team sponsor, Peter Luerssen.

While most team members were enjoying a delicious breakfast in the VRV boathouse, the captains gave a presentation on the team’s achievements and future plans, also known as the ‘Road to Henley 2012’. Afterwards, the coach, the captains and Mr. Luerssen discussed the needs and wishes of funding for the next season.

The results are no short of spectacular. Not only did Mr. Luerssen agree to continue supporting the team, but he will expand his support by changing the venue for the winter training camp from the Rabenberg in Germany to a much more enjoyable training site in Spain or Italy, where the team will actually be able to row. And as if this were not enough, he proposed to extend the training camp to two weeks to bring Henley 2012 into reach. Of course, the coach Lars would not be able to do this all by himself, which is why a second coaching position will also be created.

This leaves the team very well-prepared for the upcoming season. With a strong, motivated team, a brand-new rowing tank and two training camps under the sun, what can possibly still go wrong…?

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