New Boat El Ganador

On a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon of May 14th, 2011, the latest addition to our fleet was christened. With great enthusiasm, the company Eplax ( had decided to sponsor this eight for the Rowing Team. For the christening, Mr Mielke from Eplax, his wife as well as their son Cedric came to honor the beautiful wooden eight and give it its new name. For this event featuring the christening and afterwards a delicious BBQ on the terrace of the VRV boat house the Rowing Team had further invited the training team of the VRV as well as all members of the VRV board and also from their rival team in Hamburg from the HSBA.


After speeches by the President of the VRV, Hans-Jürgen Busch, by Ulf Hansen on behalf of President Treusch and Andreas Mielke on behalf of Eplax, the latter unveiled the bow and christened the boat in the name of “El Ganador”. Mr Mielke wished success in many outings and regattas, and always a “Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel” as well as (at least) the decisive advance of a headball in competitions.

After this, team captain Johannes Deselaers and Benjamin Thiel thanked Mr Mielke and the company Eplax with a Hanse Kiste and a nice speech in Spanish, the language leading to the name of the new boat (which remained Spanish for some of the listeners) and probably the language of the country where the next winter training camp will be taking place. After show-rowing “El Ganador” up and down the Lesum in the sunshine, it was time for the BBQ. Everyone enjoyed the good food and good company at the boat house. “El Ganador” is sure to have an enthusiastic crew around it at all times!

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