Bremer Meisterschaft 3.10.2011

This Monday, while most of the campus slept and enjoyed the German public holiday, the Jacobs University Rowing Team got up early and made its way to the downtown Bremen rowing clubs for the Bremen Meisterschaft regatta. The manic glint in the eyes of the senior rowers clearly reflected the longing with which they had awaited the first regatta of this season; while the “freshies” awaited their races with nervous anticipation.

The Jacobs Rowing Team participated in 5 events. The first was in the double-sculling boat category: Anika Ballent and the new female coach, Marita Hesse, a former world-championship rower, showed excellent technique and skill while they rowed the 500m on the WerderSee, placing second in the race. Next was the mixed-eight race. Two Jacobs’s boats, the newly acquired El Ganador and Frieda raced against each other and a team from Bremer Sport-Club. After practicing a few power starts, the seniors in both boats were ready for the race. The short racing distance of 500m was covered by all boats in no time with a rush of adrenaline and power. After leading for most of the race, El Ganador placed a close second behind Bremer Sport-Club and Frieda placed third.

Not only all Jacobs eyes were on the mixed-eight races between all four colleges: Krupp, Mercator, College 3 and Nordmetall. Bedecked in their college colours red, blue, green and yellow, the crews – mostly novice rowers with some seniors – settled in their gig boats and headed for the starting line. Students, RAs and even College Masters showed up to support their respective colleges. Rowing the distance of 500m, all four crews showed fierce passion and determination to reach the finish line first. Krupp College managed to gain a spectacular victory; College Nordmetall followed close behind with Mercator and College 3 respectively.

In the afternoon, a women’s cox-less four with Anne Valtink, Adriana Trutzenburg, Pauline Albrod and Lea Kleim raced against three other boats, while Stephan Huerholz and Johannes Deselaers joined the Bundesliga men’s eight in the final eight race.

The regatta came to an end with everyone in high spirits and looking forward to an exciting, thrilling rowing season ahead.

Hassan Tahir

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