VRV Abrudern 2011

On the 23.10.2011 a traditional German rowing event called Abrudern took the Vegesacker Ruder Verein (VRV) and us, the Jacobs University Rowing Team, on a pleasant trip from our own boathouse to the Segelverein Niedersachsen Burg e.V, An old German boathouse and restaurant where we ate Erbsensuppe mit Würstchen – pea soup with sausage – a traditional German dish. After having a delicious lunch, we went back into our boats and slowly rowed back home.

The event began at 9am at the boathouse, where we were split into groups of different sizes, each group assigned to a boat suitable to their numbers. Although the sun was shining and the day was cloudless, a cold breeze and almost icy wind threatened with the possibility of ice on our oars by the time we took our first stroke. In order to remain warm, Jacobs rowers followed some of the VRV’s oldest traditions on maintaining body temperature – preparing and carrying heavy boats, as well as drinking decent amounts of beer before starting the outing. On the water the situation was equally friendly and body-warming as it was on the shore, several drinking breaks were necessary before we reached the restaurant, 4km downstream. However, the undisputed peak of this outing was at the Segelverein Niedersachsen Burg e.V, where we enjoyed the authentic atmosphere of the German restaurant, drinking local beer, singing songs, eating traditional food and talking with friends. With our stomachs full of delicious food, and of course beer, as well as some other drinks, the row back to our own boathouse seemed impossible. too tired to row, fortune was on our side in form of the turned tide, which returned us to the dock, though not on a straight course, quickly and without much effort nonetheless.

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