A Growing Competition: The HSBA Seeks Victory

As the timer runs down towards the 2012 Hanse Boat Race in the spring of next year, both the Jacobs University Bremen and the Hamburg School of Bussiness and Administration have begun to increase their efforts to take home the victory in the fifth annual rowing competition on the Alster river in Hamburg. The first step towards this event will be the Fari Cup, an 8 kilometer long race that is held partly on the same course which will see the two universities face off in May. A first this year will be the competition between the Freshmen Gig-eights of both teams, held on the 5th of November 2011 at said event.

A recently published article in the newspaper of the HSBA shows that the Hamburg team is determined to defeat Bremen in the coming year, a goal which they hope to accomplish through several changes in the team structure, such as new Coaches and a new home within one of Hamburgs oldest and most prestegiuous rowing clubs:

„Together On A Road To Victory: The HSBA Finds A New Home At The Rowing Club ‘Allemania 1866′”

Rowing plays a major role at the Hamburg School of Bussiness and Administration (HSBA). The height of this athletic entusiasm is the yearly Hanse Boat race, a Regatta against the Jacobs University Bremen. After a total of 4 races, the current lead of 3:1 by the University from Bremen is therefore quite a thorn in the side of the Hamburg oarsmen. To bring an end to the current negative series, the HSBA has looked around, and now found, improvements and additions to their way of rowing: In the Rowing Club “Allemania 1866″, the HSBA has found a new Partner in Rowing, who will work together with them in the quest vor victory 2012.

The Allemania provides the HSBA with everything the rowing team needs: Modern rowing equipment, a demanding Workout plan tailored to the course scheduals of the HSBA Athletes, as well as the necessary tenacity and will to achieve victory. A special highlight for the team are the new and experienced rowing coaches Christian Dahlke and Tim Schönbergin who have joined the HSBA in the project „Victory Hanse Boat Race 2011“. They will train the 12 athletes in the coming months and decide upon the participants in the Hanse boat race according to the results of that training. The womens rowing-team with 5 members trains in the Allemania as well. The newly aquired racing boat „Südseeperle”, a marine-blue carbon boat with orangecolored stripes, build by the Bootsbau Berlin GmbH and sponsored by the Buss Group, has also found a new home within the boatshouse of Allemania 1866. The HSBA is proud of its new home, and is looking forward to the collaboration with Allemania in the future.

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