Fari Cup 2011

On the 6th of november, the Jacobs University Rowing Team took part in the Fari-Cup in Hamburg, Our second regatta of the season. This year, two men’s eight, a women’s eight and a women’s four were able to participate in the race.  The Fari-Cup is an endurance race, the distance that had to be endured by the crew’s of the eights was 7.5 km, the distance of the four was 4.3 km. The regatta took place on the canals of the river Alster in Hamburg.

Early in the morning, at 6 am the team set out for the local train station, to make their way to Hamburg. The time on the train was mainly used for catching up on sleep, or breakfast. When we arrived in Hamburg, it was astonishing to discover how foggy it was. After making it to the start of the regatta in front of the “Ruder-Club Favorite Hammonia”, which also hosted this regatta, the boats were prepared by the crews. We were running on a tight schedule and after some confusion, about which dock to take in order to put the boats into the water, the senior men’s crew discovered that they only had 6 oars instead of 8. Luckily we were able to borrow two oars from the local rowing club and the crew could still row.

Finally on the water, it was still very foggy, making it even harder for the coxswains to navigate the boats through all the bridges and past the other boats to the start, at the Sengelmannstraße (for the eights, Winterhude for the four).

The first of our crews to start was the girls four (Lesmona). In Lesmona, experienced girls and girls who just started rowing rowed together, and did a very good job over 4.3km

The first eight to start was the girl’s eight, Frieda, a crew of mostly experienced girls. Two boats, and a minute after them, the senior men’s eight, El Ganador started into the race. Since the girls in Frieda faced some trouble passing through a bridge, these two eights arrived at the finish at the same time.

Additionally another eight, Löscher, with a crew of Freshi rowers that had only started rowing this semester, competed against an HSBA eight in the regatta.

All oarsmen and women put  their full strength and determination into every stroke, and although not every race went perfectly well, we all left with much more experience and memories of an awesome time. We are now are looking forward to the future competitions.

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