Kettwig 2011

On Saturday, December 3rd, a group of dedicated Jacobs rowers rolled out of their beds at 7 am in the morning, while some of their friends were just coming back from partying. A three-hour busride brought us to Kettwig, near Essen, where we were to participate in the traditional St.-Nikolaus-Regatta on Sunday. Saturday was spent exploring the course we would have to race the following day. The plan had been to visit the Christmas market in Kettwig in the evening, but upon arrival at the scene it had been at two years earlier, we were told that the market had not started yet. Determined to have an enjoyable evening regardless, we quickly improvised, bought Glühwein from a nearby supermarket, and had ourselves a private St. Nikolaus celebration.

After what may have been a less than ideal amount of sleep, some additional members of the team joined the rest, completing our team on early Sunday morning. After a breakfast at the boathouse, everyone was excited for the regatta to start. It turned out to be very successful for the Jacobns University Rowing Team which participated in two boats, Löscher and Wümme, over five different categories. The first to row was a beginners’ mixed four Crew, which not only beat six competitors, but also the second Jacobs team, the mixed four that included the team’s coach, by several seconds. Lars and the crew in Wümme placed second in the category. After the first race, the regatta became quite an adventure: Two mixed eight crews rowed in Löscher, which broke a rib and two seats during the races. The second crew also included the team’s newest member who, without any rowing experience, filled in for a sick teammate and got a crash course in rowing while on the water, picking up on the technique during the 20-minute race. In Wümme’s last race, the beginners’ men were hit by another boat while turning, and had to finish the race without a rudder – remarkably they still placed first, almost two minutes faster than the runner-up in their category. After derigging the boats and loading them onto the trailer, We all headed back up north to the University, quite satisfied with our achievements, and looking forward to our return to Kettwig next year, in 2012.

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