2012 Jacobs Ergocup

Jacobs University Ergo Cup 2012

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

9 A.M. in the morning, and you could already hear the sounds of the roaring ergs as people raced themselves to exhaustion. Numerous races, ranging from singles to fours to eights for men, women, and even children, were offered throughout the entire day. Some even got lucky enough to come out with a 250€ check and a big smile on their face at the end of the day.

3:30 P.M. – The time for the official races of the day!

“Excuse us madame, could we please use the ergs, our race is in 10 minutes?”

“&%=|$ *#%”!’* !!!???”

… ofcourse that was German!

And so the Jacobs University Men’s 8 got on the ergs with barely any warmup. They had experienced the JUB Girl’s 4 amazing victory against the HSBA just minutes before, and that at least had pumped up their hope and spirit before getting on stage. Their main concern was ofcourse to perform to their maximum potential, but additionaly, knowing that the ergo-meters were brand new, this concern had rather shifted to an augmenting anxiousness of not falling of the seats at startup!

The foyer, which a while ago was relatively spacious, had now become crowded, as more people, ranging from students to faculty, filled up the room to experience the official and (to us) most important race of the Day. The HSBA team was called up on stage, one member at a time walking up the steps of the podest under applause, until finally all eigth oarsmen stood above the crowed, and the the JUB team was called up as well. And now the stress level moves to a different dimension and the adrenaline rush kicks in! All sixteen competitors grab an erg and sit tight as more than a 150 people stare at them from below.

“SIT READY!” – Eyes wide open at the screen…

“ATTENTION!” – And now the stress fully takes over…


And now 16 roaring ergs, along with the hurling crowd the shouting of the coxswains destroy the silence, as everyone performs their startup power ten!

10, “Come on!” 9, “lets go!”, 8, “breathe!” 7, “keep it up!” 6, “come on!” 5, “PUSH IT!”, 4, “Come on!” 3, 2, 1 “Settle down now!”

1900 meters to go, everyone pushes to take the lead.

1400 meters to go, the meters are burnt, the air becomes damp, and breathing becomes more and more difficult.

900 meters to go, the pain kicks in. legs start to burn as the muscles complain and the mind is messing with you, crying for your body to stop!

400 meters to go, now you remember that famous old quote: “The only feeling you remember more than winning is losing!” and you push even harder.

200 meters to go, suddenly the pain doesnt matter, the athletes are down to their last 20 strokes, as the crowd continues to roar.

And thats it, 2the 2000 meters are done, and all sixteen competitors stand up on shaky legs, completly exhausted, both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately victory was not on the Jacobs University’s side this time, as they ranked second place, but at least the girls had proven themselves against the HSBA, ranking first after a stressful 1K race.

Every single member continues to train hard as the next official race approaches: The Hanse Boat Race! Rowing is a water sport, which is why we all continue to believe, nothing is set in stone, and the competition has but begun! Afterall, if one puts an erg on the water, it tends to sink! May 5th 2012 is the date for the Jacobs University to once again prove itself on the water in Hamburg, Germany!

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