Alumni Report

My rowing life after the Jacobs Rowing Team – RC Moeve (Andrey Raykov)

River Main at Grossauheim

River Main at Grossauheim

Note: Please don’t get shocked or embarrassed if you don’t have a clue where the cities in the following article are situated – they are not supposed to be part of your general knowledge:) It is advisable to have Google Maps opened in the background while reading.

As the next part of the series “Alumni rowing”, I will draw a sharp contrast to Ben’s story from London and present to you my current boatclub – Ruderclub Moeve, Grossauheim.

What took me there? And where the heck is that? While being still enrolled in Jacobs as a PhD, I am doing my research work in the company Schott Solar in Alzenau, a small city roughly 35 kilometers southeast from Frankfurt am Main. I am currently living in another small city – Kahl am Main – which is equidistant from work and my boathouse – 6km either direction, so I am always biking as a warm up to my outings.

Rowing outside Jacobs and Lesum is quite a different experience. Although being a rowing club with almost 100 years of history, RC Moeve is a rather small club these days. It is mostly focusing on younger rowers – aged 10-18. Apart from them, there is not a steady crew or a racing team, so every outing should be organized individually. This means that I spend most of my time on the water in a single and every once in a while in a double. As technically beneficial and fun as it is, rowing in a single gets boring at some point and I started missing the team boats – the four, the eight and especially the team spirit that comes with them. (In my 7 months here I rowed only once in an eight and twice in a four).

The greatest advantage of RC Moeve is the river Main. This boathouse is situated 3 km down from the locks, which means that most of the time the water is quite flat and rowing is a lot of fun. Additionally the river experiences no tidal influence and considering the nearby coal power plant, Main is warm enough not to freeze in the winter (that’s what the people here were saying until it froze in January). In other words, rowing is possible almost any time, almost every day of the year. I forgot to mention that frequent encounter with huge transport ships is quite an ordinary event.

River Main at Grossauheim

River Main at Grossauheim

Last but not least, I should mention the very friendly rowing people that I met in the club, who welcomed me warmly and literally opened their boathouse for me from day one. The trainer of the children actually knew about the “famous Hanse Boat Race”, so it seems like the word of the big race is spreading rapidly throughout Germany. Well, they got to hear some more about the race and the mighty Jacobs Team, which made them raise their eyebrows when I mentioned the sponsorship from Mr. Luerssen and all the benefits coming from it. The home race of RC Moeve, and something that the rowing community here is very proud of, is the Grossauheimer Kurzstreckenregatta, which takes place over a weekend in the mid-September. Lars, may be that can be the first event of the season next semester?

But before the next season comes, you boys and girls will finish this season in style with magnificent racing that will keep the Hanse Boat Race Trophy in Bremen. Good luck and keep on spreading the great rowing reputation of Jacobs.

Andrey Raykov