Annual General Assembly of the VRV

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The annual general Assembly of the VRV this year was a special occasion in a number of ways. First and most important our current President Hansi Busch stepped down after many years of successfully leading the Club. In light of his groundbreaking work to found and consolidate the relationship between the VRV and the Jacobs University Rowing Team he was awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the Jacobs University Rowing Team by the current Captains Stephan Huerholz and Adriana Trutzenberg. The assembly also saw the election of the new President Uwe Vielstich who is a well know friend of the Jacobs Rowing Team.

This however was not the end of the good news. In the category of most kilometers rowed between 18-40 both awards went to Jacobs Rowing Team members. For the women it was Adriana Trutzenberg (970km) and for the men it was Stephan Huerholz (1766km) both setting an example of how much Jacobs Team members row and thereby adding to the vibrant life of the VRV.

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