Alumni Report

Rowing in Mainz (Steffen Hauth)

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Like the other alumni, I will continue the tradition and also report from my rowing life outside Jacobs.

After my time in Bremen at Jacobs I found a job in the R&D Department at Sirona Dental Systems in Bensheim and hence, I returned to my home and joined the rowing club in Mainz. In Mainz we row on the river Rhine and sometimes on the river Mainz.

The current is very strong and the water is often choppy. So rowing on the Rhine makes only fun in Gig-Boats. For rowing in racing boats, we use branches of the Rhine. In general the Acker or the Querdamm. Here the water is flat and has almost no current, so rowing is a lot of fun.

Mainzer Ruderverein is a large Club with round about 500 Members and strong commitment to competitive sports, so that regularly members from Mainz emerge victorious in national and international competitions. This philosophy shapes the organization of the club. Roughly one can say, that it is divided into competitive and leisure rowing, whereas the latter contains everything from really really leisure rowing up to competitive rowing but not going to international regattas. In spite of the large number of members, I feel comfortable about rowing and always enjoy the time on the water.

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