Hanse Boat Race 2012

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One of the most anticipated sporting events of the year at Jacobs University, and the much talked about Boat Race 2012, the 5th Hanse Boat Race between Jacobs University Bremen and Hamburg School of Business took place on saturday on the Outer Alster river in Hamburg, Germany. The event comprised of a 2050 meters regatta between the 8’s of Jacobs University and the HSBA, flanked by two shorter 500 meters Heats between the 4’s of the Universities.

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Of the three races, the Jacobs University girls four crew showed the most impressive form, defeating the HSBA girls crew by approximately 50 meters, and crossed the finish line victoriously. Even though the boys four crew of Jacobs University rowed with great determination and focus, they were unsuccessful in keeping ahead in the race, and the HSBA crew rowed their way across the finish line.

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After the two heats, it was time for the highly awaited Boat Race between Jacobs University Bremen and the HSBA. In the first 1000 meters, both the boats were abreast and equally drawing their way towards the next 1050 meters. Both crews portrayed incredible technique, resilience, stamina, and power. Usually in a 2k race, after three minutes in the race an average rower’s body starts flooding with lactic acid, which slows them down. Even though this fact remains, both the teams, especially the Jacobs University crew depicted grace and passion in their work as a team throughout the course of the race. The HSBA crew took the lead at the end of 1000 meters and kept the lead. Jacobs University crew strived hard and tried to catch up and have a gap as small as possible. However, after 2050 meters of stunning characterization of power and will of the heart and mind by both crews, the HSBA crew crossed the finish line, only approximately 15 meters ahead of the Jacobs University crew.

The Boat Race event highlights

The race day opened with close to perfect conditions for rowing. The competition event started at 5 pm in the afternoon. Hundreds of supports from Bremen and Hamburg gathered to cheer for the two universities indulging themselves in beverages and snacks, on a nice grassy area surrounded with gazebos at the Ruder-Gesellschaft Hanse Boat Club. At 5:30 pm, all the rower’s from Jacobs University and the HSBA were called upstage and formally greeted. At 5:45 pm the girls four crews started their race, and at 6:15 pm the boys four crews. The Jacobs University and the HSBA mens eight crews rowed at 6:45 pm on the Alster, spanning a race course of 2050 meters, passing by the fans and supporters at the Ruder-Gesellschaft and finally ending just before the Krugkoppelbrücke bridge. The award ceremony, at 7:20 pm, honored the crew members of both the universities, and the HSBA crew was presented with the Hanse Boat Race trophy for the year 2012.
A historical race day evening at the Alster river in Hamburg came to an end. All the crews of Jacobs University held high their motivation and valor and said that they will be ready to render a stronger performance for Boat Race next year.