CONGRATULATIONS to Larissa and Christoph Bannert´s wedding on the Weekend of the 14th/15th of Juli, 2012 from the Jacobs University Rowing Team!

[singlepic id=4541 w=320 h=240 float=center]It was the first real rowers wedding (Larissa and Christoph are in the Vegesacker Rowing Club) since 10 years, mentioned in the congratulation speech of the VRV President Uwe Vielstich. Many rowers came to form a guard of honor with oars in front of the church in Bremen-Grohn after the ceremony. The handmade wedding cake was presented in the old wooden rowing boat Reporter and finally the bride and the groom needed to cut the wooden oar which was signed by all guests from the wedding-eve-party (Polterabend)

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