The annual breakfast with Mr. Lürssen

Thursday September, 27th 2012 was the breakfast with Mr. Lürssen that was different from those of the years before. It did not take place at the end of the season in the spring semester like in the past and this year it also did not take place at the Vegesacker Ruderverein, but in the new Sports and Convention Center on campus. We started the morning with the first training session in our brand-new rowing tank and welcomed Mr. Lürssen and President Treusch in our new facility. The rowing tank is being appreciated a lot and we look forward to using it regularly, especially when we cannot go rowing on the Lesum.

After an introduction by our coach Lars on all the benefits the rowing tank has and how we are going to implement it into our training schedule, the morning went on with a tour through the new gym and sports hall. In the foyer the breakfast buffet was offered and the captains held a presentation on what the team did during the last season and what we want to improve this year. Listening to Adriana as she described the feeling she had during the finish of the girls’ race at the Hanse Boat Race was very emotional.

We are happy to have Mr. Lürssen supporting our team and are looking forward to this season.