Bremer Meisterschaft 3.10.2012

The past week has been quite an eventful one for the Jacobs University Rowing team. Wednesday morning, on the German Unity Day, most of our senior team members and our rowing freshmen met up next to the main campus gate. Everybody was all packed up and ready for the full day rowing event that was about to start in Bremen downtown. Next, a short train ride and some local transportation followed until we reached our destination close to the Werdersee.

At the Ruderverein Bremen, our coach was already waiting for us and ensuring the gig boats were ready for our own College Eights race, which was scheduled later that afternoon. After splitting up into our respective college teams, we started moving the boats towards the Werdersee. Upon arrival we rejoined our teammates who were already preparing to compete in one of the first races of the day.

The seniors of Jacobs University rowing team competed in the women double scull (Marita and Ulla), the reached the third place. Ulla and Marita joined as well in the women quad together with two rowers from the Vegesacker Ruderverein. Here they got bronze. Marita (who is helping our coach Lars for coaching the senior womens) got the gold medal in the women single by a half a canvas– congratulations. In the gig four against a crew from the Universität Bremen the Jacobs University got the second place, just a length behind the winners. Also a big race with four eights was the mixed racing eight (cox: Luisa with Kerst, Brian, Ahmed, Stephan, Ioana, Robin, Marlou and Adriana). Unfortunately the crew overslept the start a bit, so they didn’t gained the length they lost at the start, but during the race they could hold the contact to the other crews.s In the open men’s eight, the Jacobs University became third, which was already a success, because is was the first time they were able to have an senior eight in autumn.

For the newcomers to our team the day held two main highlights. First, the chance to help with senior’s races, everybody chipped in and helped with the preparations showing great team spirit and unity. And second, their own race, drafted especially for our team’s freshmen, the College Eight’s race was an opportunity for students from each of our four colleges to compete against each other, show off their college colors and have fun. College Nordmetall won the race, with CIII and Mercator following close by and Krupp’s team placed fourth. Even when the weather decided to remind everyone that this is still Bremen that did not stop our team from giving everything they had in the remaining races and having a good time.

Even though our achievements in the Bremer Meisterschaft Regatta were not as great as we expected, it was a great chance for us to kick start our rowing season.

The week’s events continued for our team on Saturday, when everybody had a second chance to meet up for our 2K ergometer test. The excitement in the air was easy to feel as the students from the first time slot were gathering in the new Sports and Convention Center. During the test everyone’s enthusiasm kept rising as seniors and freshmen were cheering each other on, trying to get the best time they could. After the test was done, our team took a small break in order to cool off and prepare for the famous “Noodle Party”. A special dinner with the whole team in one of our college serveries served as a reward for all the hard work we did during the day. After the coach presented our training schedule for the coming months, everyone was ready to start the new season, train as much as they can, while having a lot of fun and bringing home as many victories as we can.