Two in one – Fari Cup and WHU Euromaster at the same weekend

by Andrei Cosmin Cirlanaru for Fari Cup and Domingo Antonio Vivas Peleteiro for WHU Euromaster


Fari Cup in Hamburg

It happened this Sunday, the two Jacobs Rowing teams, Men’s 8 and Women’s 8, participated in the FARI CUP competition in Hamburg. Everything started early in the morning with the meeting at 6.45 on campus and leaving to Hamburg. As soon as arrived, the teams had to prepare the boats and until 9.45 they were already on the water. It was an endurance race, 8k or an average of 30 minutes of rowing.

On the way to the start, the teams had the possibility to know the track, which was long and difficult because of the narrow curves of the Alster River. The two coxswains did a great job controlling the boats while passing under the bridges and avoiding the other boats.

At the end, the two teams managed to do a good race due to the intense trainings and each member got the chance to see his/her individual mistakes that will be improved until the next race. The Women’s 8 reached 2nd in 35.27, and the Men’s 8 reached the finish 3 minutes after the main competitor HSBA, given the fact that most of the members are freshies and don’t have much experience. There is place for improvements, it was the best rowing this year, the team spirit is up and we are sure that for the next race they will do their best.

The sixteen rowers, two coxswains and the coach had a successful day in Hamburg, they know where to improve, and with the experienced gained in the FARI CUP race they built confidence and right now they are training hard for the next races.


WHU Euromaster in Valendar

Euromasters was a very interesting opportunity to get to know other students from all over Europe, to do sports, party, line up to get food, fun conversations, etc. But more importantly than anything else I got to know better the other members of the rowing team: Catalin from Romania, and Brian from the US, Ahmed and Pauline joined us later for the rowing races. We did not compete against the other team in what would have been our first race, the other team was not prepared to go rowing. Apparently they were going on the water for the first time. They did not have control over their boat regarding balance or coordination. On the other hand, our second race against HSBA and Nordakademie was more exiting. It was a cold rainy morning, everything looked against us. Nevertheless we came to our race boat, and although we did not win the race, we performed with coordination, good balance and team spirit. The time difference to the other teams was not as high as we could have expected taking into account they had very experienced rowers.