Honory Membership of the Jacobs University Rowing Team for President Prof. Dr. Treusch


Heringessen 2012 by Adriana Trutzenberg, Team Captain


The Jacobs University Rowing Team started into a new season in September. We have a lot of new members, who are eager to learn how to row and achieve good results in the upcoming month as a team. Our biggest competitor, the HSBA is very strong and this motivates us to give our best every day during training. But our team is not only made of stroke rowers, bow rowers, skullers and coxes. We all could not enjoy this sport at our university if it wasn’t for some very important people in the background. On Saturday, 24.11.2012 we thanked and honored one of those people in the background who supported us throughout the last 6 years and without whom we would not stand were we are today: President Joachim Treusch. We are extremely grateful for the support he gave this team since its existence. We know well that without his trust in our abilities and without the doors he opened for us financially this rowing team would not have been able to improve this rapidly over the past years. This makes him an important part of our team. At the Heringessen we officially made him a member of our rowing family. The captains were happy to present to him his honorary membership of the Jacobs University Rowing Team. As a little surprise the African choir Mzuka came and sang two songs for the members of the VRV but especially for our leaving President.

Thank you very much, President Treusch!