Rowing in Munich

by Alumnus Mira Slavcheva


Dear Rowing Team,

This weekend I had my last rowing outings for the year, so I thought now is the perfect time to write a brief report to let you know about the rowing life in Munich. I joined the rowing team of the Zentraler Hochschulsport, which is supposed to be for students from all Munich universities, but there are also graduates there.

We row at the Olympic Regatta course near Oberschleißheim, which is 13 km away from the city center. It takes me about one and a half hours to get to it, especially since there are no buses in Oberschleißheim on weekends and I have to walk for 30 minutes. But the place is so beautiful that it’s totally worth the long way. It looks like a giant, 2km long swimming pool (pretty similar to the one in Banyoles, just maybe a bit narrower). But the first time I was there I literally fell in love with the place, because it was still October and the trees around were covered in yellow, red and orange, it was sunny and the water was as flat as a mirror. The most challenging part for me was learning all the commands in German, since everyone there is German, and I do my best to speak with them. So I had to guess the meaning of things like „Wende über Backbord”, “Langsamer auf der Rolle!”, “Aus dem Endzug” and so on. I had picked up some previous knowledge from the VRV people, like “Schnürsenkelrudern” for instance, so I think I got the rest pretty fast. Apart from the language issues, I really like the rowing. So far I have either been on stroke in a double or on bow in an eight. As you can imagine, when I sit in bow my “Jacobs University Rowing Team” label is visible, and when I sit on stroke people can see the “Lürssen” one, so I’m doing a lot of advertising there. It turns out that many people have heard about Jacobs, and now they also know about its amazing rowing team.

I have to say that I really miss rowing in Lotti, and, more than everything, rowing with you all. For now I wish you the best of luck for the Santa Claus Regatta and the next 2K test, and I hope to be able to come cheer at the Ergocup myself. And next year I’ll have to tell you about our long distance races over 5 km and 12 km (!!!) here, so you’ll hear from me again soon :)