President Treusch Farewell

by Karim Galal

On Wednesday the 12th, we said farewell to a man who has changed the shape of our multicultural haven, Jacobs University. President Treusch has refined, perfected, and sculpted a future brighter than anyone could have ever imagined, and for that we forever thankful. The wonderful ceremony taking place on Wednesday night let us show our appreciation for all of his work and give him the assurance that his legacy would never be forgotten. Beyond the speeches, songs, and iconic pictures of his time here, a special segment of the ceremony was taken to give tokens of gratitude to the man himself. The first was a book of thanks filled with messages, pictures, and precious memories presented by the college masters of all four residential colleges. The second was an establishment of “Treusch Terrace” in front of the information resource center of Jacobs University.

The third, and most symbolic, was that of the rowing teams newest gig eight re-named “President Treusch” in his honor. As an avid fan, supporter, and rower himself, President Treusch has been supportive of the rowing team since the very beginning. He has ensured sponsorship and constant innovation and expansion, without his support it would be hard to imagine that the team would exist as we now know it. As the team lifted up the boat to show the audience, and as the tarp was removed to revel the new name, everyone knew that he would forever be a member of the university rowing team in more than just spirit. As the applause died down President Treusch said his thanks and it was clear that our gesture had touched him as we hoped it would. The rowing team was proud to be a part of the ceremony in such an important way, and wishes President Treusch all the best in his future endevors. Just as he will always be with us in our boat, we hope that we will always be in his memories no matter where he goes.