The 6th Jacobs Ergocup

The 6th Jacobs Ergocup

On the 9th of February 2013 the 6th Jacobs Ergocop took place accompanied by many loudly cheering visitors guided by lots of screaming, sweating, happy and sad faces. The stage filled with 16 brand new dark concept 2 ergs was a respective sight. The spectators could observe the fierce battles of the participants against themselves. Be it children, ladies or gentlemen who were racing in singles, fours or eights everyone was giving their best and sometimes even more.

The day started for all of us at 10 am watching how Lars raced in the Single Men’s (2000m) and just shortly after at 10.30 am when Marita raced in the Single Women’s (2000m). Later the day around 12 one could see how Sidharth and Laura raced in the Single adh Open lightweight (1000m).

After a satisfying lunch (noodles!) together with the HSBA crew, the adh Open Men’s four (1000m) with Kareem, Karim, Emre and Domingo raced but were one second behind the HSBA team in the end. This was immediately followed by the adh Open Women’s four (1000m) with Marlou, Ana, Iona and Imma who did the exact opposite, beating them with one second.

Then at 4 pm the Jacobs  vs HSBA races started

The Women’s four: Adriana, Ulla, Pauline and Anne

One thing that made this Ergocup unique in comparison to the last ones is the surprising tie of the Women’s four vs the HSBA with exactly the same time which is normally unthinkable in the world of rowing (still Jacobs got placed first).

10 minutes later the Male eight went on stage.

The Men’s eight: Ahmed, Kerst, Jannes, Jens, Mat, Aleksander, Andrei and myself (Michael)

The visual contrast between those two teams was noticeable and both teams knew that the chance of Jacobs winning was low. That did not hold us back to give everything we had.

The crowd must have been consisting of around 150 people at that time and it was LOUD!

In the end unfortunately but reasonable the race resulted in the win of the HSBA team. The time difference between the two teams was 30 whole seconds.

In the end everybody did a great job, especially those who did beat their best 2 K time and had a new personal best time.

We all have seen how strong the HSBA is and therefore we should continue to work harder and not let the spirit get damaged. In the upcoming training camp in Berlin we can now show our determination and train for the Boat race but also for the next year.

Furthermore, they all may be really strong but if you put an erg on the water it will sink!

Anyways, there is just a really tiny chance that the Male eight will win. So Ladies, show us what you can do but we can’t by beating the HSBA.

There is only one feeling greater than winning. Losing!

Remember that well.