Our Indoor rowing machines(ergs) are situated in the underground rowing tank hall, where most of the winter season training sessions take part.

The indoor rower’s nickname comes from its measurement of the power output of oarsmen/women. As such it is a class of ergometer (Greek: measuring work), and competitive rowers rarely refer to the machine as an “indoor rower,” but use the older name “erg” or “ergo” (short for ergometer).

Each month we have a mandatory 2’000m test on the ergs to record the current physical development of the team and track their progress throughout the season(s).

JURT and Jacobs University also host the annual Jacobs ErgoCup where the best male and female crews from Jacobs and HSBA face off against each other with the winner of the meeting earning the right to choose which lane they want in the Hanse Boat Race.