Cooperation between Jacobs University and Vegesacker Ruderveren

FWD LogoTwo volunteers for the rowing sport – Another way of cooperation between the Vegesacker Ruderverein and the Jacobs University

With the start of August Malte Höweler and Jan Vielstich will enter their volunteer-social-year in cooperation of the Vegesacker Ruderverein and the Jacobs University. Since 7 years Malte and Jan have been members of the junior team in Vegesacker Ruderverein.  Both took benefit from their coaches and earned a lot of experiences. After graduating high school the two guys are prepared to pay back the support to the coaches and as well the sport.Jan(left) and Malte(right)

Already a year back Jan decided to join the team of coaches to train and guide the youngest members of the rowing club. Malte joined the team later but for the juniors. This is the reason why both caught interested in the social year – In cooperation with the Jacobs University even more as there is a mix of rowing, the cooperation with international students and the English language. Both wish to graduate not only the coach license but also to experience a good inside into the life of international students and additionally to improve their English.

Especially the work with the students is a challenge for them because the students need to get adapted in very short time from a freshman to a skilled powerful team to represent successfully the color of the Jacobs University at the Jacobs Ergo Cup and the Hanse Boat Race.

Maltes´ and Jans´ major jobs will be for the Jacobs University Rowing Team and as well as the university – based on the input of the Lars Schröder – the technic of rowing, to guide the team and to organize other events. This is a fulltime job.