Bremer Meisterschaft 22.09.2013

Three and a half weeks.
Jacobs University Rowing TeamThat‘s the time some of us have been rowing for at Jacobs. Three and a half weeks from – for some of us – the first time holding an oar until the first race against internationally experienced rowers. Should be enough, shouldn‘t it?

On Sunday, 22nd of September, it finally was the day for the first race of the season. 18 Jacobs students made their way to the Werdersee in Bremen where the races of the Bremer Meisterschaften 2013 took place. All of them were rowing at the same time in in mixed eights in a 500m race. On lane 3, the more experienced „seniors“ were privileged to take a seat in „Frieda“:

Aleks Gyorev, Mathew Hunter, Michael Scherm, Ahmed Kebdani, Ulla Schellhaas, Ioana Ivanciu, Paulina Prodzinsky, Marlou Tänzer, Cox: Akber Jafri

On line 2 the following constellation was sitting in the second Jacobs boat, „El Ganador“:

Tim Uellendahl, Kareem Al Nahas, Felix Englert, Enrique Guitierrez, Ana Lena Scherer, Sarah Winkelmann, Christina Möller, Ana Brecht, Cox: Ahmed Cheema

The words of the last mentioned cox Ahmed Cheema right before the start of the race were probably a bit optimistic; „We‘re gonna win this“ was probably one of the last things that went through the Freshmen‘s heads in that moment. More something like: „Please don‘t let me catch a crab“. In fact, nobody did so, though. Obviously, Frieda and the other participating boats, one from the Bremer RC Hansa and one from the Bremer RV, had a better start than El Ganador. After around 60 strokes the race‘s result was the following:

1. Bremer RC Hansa
2. Bremer RV 1882
3. Frieda
4. El Ganador

At least, this was the order when the boats reached the finish. Since Frieda‘s cox, Akber Jefri, had to gave way to another boat and therefore switched lanes, Frieda was officially placed on 4th rank, El Ganador on 3rd. Nevertheless, Coach Lars seemed to be very pleased with both boats‘ performances; The „Freshies‘ Eight‘s“ mere deficit of around two boat lenghts was entitled as „much better than expected“.

Prior to the eights, however, a milestone for Jacobs Rowing Team was set – taking part in the coxless four (4-) event Coxless FourEightfor the first time, which is considered one of the most challenging and difficult races to be in. Aleks, Michael, Mat and Ahmed pushed away from the dock filled with excitement and anxiety at the same time. The crew managed to keep up the stroke rate at 40 per minute for the whole time, which only showed how well drilled they were and how easily the boat was moving through the water, despite the short amount time to practice. Unfortunately, an unforced oversteering error in the first part of the race, caused them to lose around a boat length right there. Nonetheless, they finished strong with no more than 2 1/2 boat lengths behind, which was considered as a success given the circumstances!

More enthusiastic words were found for the performance of the mixed four, consisting of Aleks100_7360
Gyorev, Mathew Hunter, Ulla Schellhaas, Christina Möller and Cox Akber Jafri. „Very good job!Congratulations!“; These congratulations want also to be enunciated by the author of these lines. Without any practice at all they started into this race and may now call themselves Bremer Meister 2013! Who would have expected that when Mathew Hunters pushed out without having any shoes on? Excellent!

This race should also be the last one with participation of Jacobs students that day. With 5 medals of
marzipan for the seniors and a lot of new experiences for the Freshmen, this was definitely a
promising start into the season!
Felix Englert