Fari Cup 2013

Sunday, 3rd November 2013. Early in the morning most of the Jacobs University Rowing Team took the first train to Hamburg. Everybody still was tired but also excited for the first actuall race of this season. After the “1st International Lesum Regatta“ the 22, Fari Cup, hosted by the Ruder Club Favorit Harmonia, was the first race for the freshmen. And even for some seniors it was their first time participating in the Fari Cup. The race which consisted of more than 150 boats, fours and eights, and more than 1000 people, was also the first opportunity to race our rivals: the HSBA.
We spent about one and a half hours on the train and twenty minutes walking to reach the boathouse in Hamburg at 8 a.m. where we met the coach, the boats the rest of the team, because some people came by car.
The fours had to go on the water first, because their race would start earlier than the race of the eights. Thus the two Jacobs eights went on the water a littler bit later, around 10 a.m. Three freshmen were able to secure themselfes a spot in the first eight, the second eight consisted of six freshmen and our two junior assistent coaches, Jan and Malte. Besides all the other boats, we mainly competed against the HSBA, the University of Bonn, the Technische Hochschule Hamburg and of course the seconds against the first eight.
Racing distance for the eights were 7,5 kilometers. Therefore the racing time was expected to be aroung 30minutes. The boats started one after another in one minute intervals. During the race the first eight, which started one spot after the second, was able to overtake the second eight on the last 500 meters and thus significantly won the internal competition.
After the race the coach found extremly pleasent words for the performance of all boats.

In the evening the results where on the internet and everybody was celebrating. Our first eight had managed to come out strong and beat the HSBA. The gap that existed at last years races was closed.

All results can be seen here