Kettwig 2013

The “Nikolausregatta” in Essen Kettwig was a great unique event. After a night of socializing and team building on Saturday, the team was ready to show their might at the Regatta on Sunday. For this regatta, the team had only one Cox who had sustained injury the night before the trip. But this did not slow down the team as some rowers volunteered to cox the otherwise coxless boats boats. With one boat brushing against the bushes, it was obviously that for some rowers, it was the first ever coxing experience.

One of our brave rowers was cramping in both arms for approximately 3.5 of the 4 kilometers; one might imagine that he had had better times before.

The regatta was, one of the most successful competitions that Jacobs University ever had. The team won three races, the Mens Four, the Mixed Quad and the Mixed eight. Other boats also performed outstandingly. All in all, consideringthe fun we had and the races we participated in, we all had what we can call a truly successful and memorable Regatta.