Winter Camp 2014

Slide, Drugs and Row-n-Roll

He was exhausted. He was enervated. He desired energy. He needed the kick to go on. To appease the pain in his thighs, in his arms, in his head. Seven days, six nights, twenty outings. “Can you hand me some of the pills?” he gasps. “Sure” the person next to him smiles wearily. A white one, an orange one, a red one. He swallows them quickly. Seventeen pairs of eyes were staring at him. Iron, Magnesium, Calcium. “Come on man, we have to go on! We survived winter camp and in one week we will kick their ass!” They, that is our archenemy, the HSBA. We, that is the Jacobs Rowing Dream Team with one mission: to win, to conquer, to carry the day.

We began the New Year, with ambitious resolutions and a draining 1000m and 2000m pre-test. The first of the numerous challenges was faced on our way to Rabenberg: unfreezing the frozen anti-freeze. After arriving in the middle of nowhere we went swimming, running, erging, and did weight lifting. Another challenge was cross-country skiing, a completely new sport for most of the team. Although the hardest exercise was “Flying Dutchmen” which brought upon the worst muscle soreness.

Even our free time was spent exercising as we lived on the fourth floor and just had one small elevator available (which is normally intended for eight people and stopped after eleven people and a crate of alcohol-free beer tried to use it). Finding our rooms was not difficult because of highly visible door signs containing a lonely hearts ad and a praise of the world star Mikkel Hansen that we had cheered on in the European Handball Championship final (the real winner was Denmark).

But even with all the exercises and being incredibly tired after going to bed at ten, we woke up at midnight to celebrate Paula’s birthday with two cakes and the “Hottie Police” and spend the nights in the whirlpool and sauna. Our bond became so strong that some of us did not even notice that they were eating their neighbor’s meal.

Although, our coach’s favorite movie “True Blue” made some people fall asleep and others wonder that the film was already in color it served as an inspiration that not the individual but the team is what counts in rowing and at Jacobs.

We already know that we are a great team and that we will take the opportunity to show it next Saturday at the Ergocup.

Anna-Lena Scherer and Sarah Winkelmann