The 7th Jacobs Ergocup with outstanding results

The organizers of the event, Jacobs University Bremen and Jens Hundertmark (discipline coach of the allgemeiner deutscher Hochschulverband (adh)), can be proud: there were even more entries and better results this year than in the past. The enthusiasm for the event was also evident in the speech delivered by the president of Jacobs University Bremen.

The Jacobs University Ergocup is composed of three parts: the competition of the students of the Jacobs University Bremen against students of the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), open competitions for everyone in single- and team races, and the 3rd adh-open ergometer competition. Competitors came from all over Germany and one team even from Poland.

Patience was required when problems with the connection between the ergometer caused a delay. A big thank you goes to the umpires who then help with the required manual determination of the results.

In the four traditional races of the university teams from the HSBA against the Jacobs University Bremen two races could be won by each university team. The team of the HSBA won the races in the men’s eight and four while the honor of the Jacobs University Team was maintained by the female team. The female rowers of the Jacobs University Bremen won the races in the four and the double. All these races serve as a first trial of strength prior to the Hanse Boat Race. This race will take place on May 3rd for the 7th time on the Aussenalster. The winners of the Jacobs Ergocup earned the right to choose the lane for this race and by this may use the wind conditions in their favor.

Additionally, many exciting races took place in the open categories of the Ergocup in which young rowers of Bremen competed. They could not only compete in single races but also demonstrate their strength as a team in relay races. In the open categories also rower of Bochum, Osnabrueck and Ratzeburg competed. Dominic Imort (Bochum) won the 2000 m race in the open category with a time of 6:09.5 by several lengths and later won the adh-open competition in a single over 1000 m. The local competition was won by a team from Bremer Sportclub and Bremer Ruderclub Hansa against the Vegesacker Ruderverein.

In total, 86 competitiors (35 women and 51 men) of 14 universities participated in the adh-open. One team even came from Breslau and was thrilled by the event. An invitation to the student regatta at their university in May was received already. With this the aim of 70 competitiors from 12 universities after a 3-year trial phase was reached. Jens Hundertmark promised to advocate the announcement of the Deutschen Hochschulmeisterschaften Ergorudern next winter/spring.

An especially strong performance was shown by Judith Maurer (University Bremen). She won the single lightweight race with a time of 3:29.6 well ahead of her competitors. The 15 competitors showed exciting fights for the remaining standings. With her time she would also have won the race in open competition. In the open competition Ann-Kathrin Weber (University Bremen) won with a time of 3:33.5.

The university championship in the men’s single was won by Dominic Imort (University Bochum) with a time of 2:53.3. It was a close race with Andre Mueller (University Bremen) coming in second with a time of 2:53.9. With this the times were 5 s faster than those achieved last year!

Another strong performance was shown by Maik Feldmann (University Kassel) in the men’s lightweight single. With a time of 3:04.4 he was faster than the winner in the previous year, Jens Grosse (University Bremen) who came in third this year with (3:11.8). Second place was won by Johannes Schlegel (Technische Hochschule Hannover) in 3:02.6.

The university Bremen (Andre Mueller, Benedict Ganzeboom, Malte Prohn and Cedric Borchers) won in the men’s four against last year’s winning team from Dresden. University Bremen won again in the women’s four. In this category the victory was obtained by Judith Maurer, Annika Reinke, Julia Stuebig and Wiebke Schuett.

In the last race of the day, the sprint in mixed-eights both fours of University Bremen managed to keep their competitor from Politechnischen Hochschule Breslau at distance.

We look forward to returning in February 2015 to Jacobs University Bremen.