Head of the River Amstel – our weekend in Amsterdam

It was long, it was exhausting, it was fun. That was our weekend in Amsterdam!

Like every year, Jacobs University sent its Rowing Team to Amsterdam to participate in the 8k race on the Head of the River Amstel. As usual the Regatta Weekend started with an early ride to the place of the event, followed by a training session on the River. The weather forecast was not too nice for this weekend but luckily for the the training session the sky was almost blue, just some wind was there to make our lives harder.

After training and getting to know some of the nice sides of Amsterdam, we all got a good night of sleep, so that all of the four Jacobs Crews, two men’s eight and two women’s quads, were well rested for the big day ahead.

DSC_0223Finally, the day of the race was there. After getting all the boats ready, it was approximately 11:00 am when the guys pushed off the dock to row to the start. Unfortunately they were not too lucky with the weather, just before they went on the water it started raining and hailing, more than just a little. But the guys fought hard and did not let the weather bring them down. In the end both of the both finished with very good times. The first men’s eight was about 5 minutes faster, with a time of 28:00.8, compared to the eight starting for Jacobs in the previous year. The second men’s eight crossed the finish line with a time of 29:26.4 minutes, also a great time and faster than the crew of 2013.

1982029_10203323623469762_171836860_nIn the afternoon the weather changed for the better just in time for the girl’s races to start. It was around 3:30 pm when the two girl’s crews pushed off the dock. The sun was out, the sky was blue, just a few clouds were there to make the pictures taken look perfect. The first women’s quad started first and finished with an amazing time of 32:53.5 minutes and therewith placed second in their category. Congratulations girls! Also the second women’s quad gave everything they had and did a good job. The boat finally found some balance and finished the race with a time of 38:15.2 minutes.

DSC_0325It was a great weekend with lots of fun, especially loading the boats back onto the trailer was a big event, that turned into a team bonding exercise. But let me tell you, there are a lot more exciting events coming up for the rowing team, the Spring Training Camp and the Hanse Boat Race are only two of them, so watch out for more reports to follow!

A report written by Paula Prondzinsky and Miriam Wulf