German University Rowing Championship 2014

This year the Rowing Team of Jacobs University had to compete on the lake Maschsee in Hannover at the Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaften.

20140706_150326_resizedHundreds of rowers from universities from all over Germany rowed for two days on the 6th and 7th of July for the trophy of the best university rowing team in Germany. Jacobs University took part in this great event with 5 girls and 9 boys. DHM2014-JUBCoxedFourWe participated in the competition with one Mixed Racing Eight, one Men’s Racing Four, one Women’s Racing Sculling Four, one Women’s Gig Sculling Four, one Men’s Gig Sculling Four and two Mixed Gig Sculling Four. Although the conditions for all of our rowers were not the best, Jacobs achieved an overall satisfying result.

Four weeks after the end of our semester, we had to compete against the other teams who still had the opportunity to train together. 20140706_101858_resizedSpecial thanks go to our four girls Natasha Danailovska, Paulina Prondzinsky, Miriam Wulf and Anna-Lena Scherer. They had to take part in up to 5 races per day and did a truly great job. In the end our Mixed Eight managed to achieve a 5th place in their race. The girls even became 4th in their Racing Four. On top of that one of our Mixed Gig Fours made it to the Semi-Final out of more than 30 boats.

With this last race of the season the Rowing Team ended a long and hard season and is looking forward to welcome new freshmen next year to build up an even bigger team.

A report written by Matthias Schneider