Jacobs Ergocup 2015

On the 14th of March it was time for the first face-off between the Hamburg School of Business Administration Rowing Team and the Jacobs University Rowing Team in 2015. This year, for the first time in its eight-year history, the Ergo Cup did not take place in the Campus Center but in the Cinema on the Campus of Jacobs University.

After having dinner and the traditional “noodle party” the night before, a pasta dinner for the entire team to get loaded with carbohydrates, the team met the next morning in the cinema. The main races of both universities, the women’s four and double and the men’s four and the men’s eight were not scheduled until the afternoon, but some of the Jacobs rowers participated in individual races competing against rowers from other universities all over a Germany and even Europe.

Cheered on by their teammates, Fiona Harnischfeger, Kareem Al-Nahas, Humza Abid and Leon von Koslowski achieved outstanding results over the distance of 1k. After this, the team went to lunch and then warmed-up afterwards. The first race against the HSBA was the men’s four over 1,000 m.  After a strong start, Jacobs Rowers Jeremy Schulz, Razvan Barabas, Felix Englert and Max Reinicke were in the lead. However, in the last 350m, the HSBA crew gave it their everything and overtook the Jacobs team. In the end, they finished the 1,000 m 2.5 seconds earlier with a time of 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Next up was the women’s double over 1,000 m. Again, Jacobs Rowers, Paula Prodzinsky and Anna-Lena Scherer, had a strong start and were able to take the lead. Pushing themselves until the end, they managed to finish the race with an incredible lead of over 8 seconds and won. After this, it was time for the next women’s race, the quad. The Jacobs crew, consisting of novice rowers Jessica McMullen and Hanna Taylor as well as Natasha Dainalovska and Sarah Vinkelgard also took the lead early in the race and were able to keep this pace, eventually finishing over 12 seconds earlier than the HSBA crew.

The only main race left, the Men’s Eight over the distance of 2k, was up next. Jacobs Rowers Matthew Hunter, Alexander Gyorev, Michael Scherm, Michel Ehrenstein, Keno Tetzlaff, Malte Grändorf, Matthias Schneider and novice rower Lennart Knoche competed against the HSBA eight. After a first start where there was a problem with the connection between the ergometers, both crews had to line up again and wait for the command “Sit ready, Attention, ROW” a second time. From the very beginning, the race was extremely close with the crew from Bremen eventually taking the lead. However, just like the Men’s Four, the HSBA managed to bring up their pace in the last 250 m and overtook the Jacobs Eight winning the race by only 2.2 seconds. For the fifth time in the row, the HSBA eight won and get to chose their lane in the upcoming Hanse Boat Race on the 9th of May, making the overall score 5:3.

After some more team races, including a mixed eight sprint over 350 m and sprints over 1k, the Jacobs and HSBA crews had dinner together and went to the after party. Although the men’s crews lost both their races against the HSBA, the results have shown that the Jacobs crew and HSBA crew are close to one another and the entire team is excited for the Hanse Boat Race on the Außenalster on May 9th.

Overall, the eigth Ergo Cup was a success. At this point, a special thank you goes to Ahmed Kebdani who spent hours and hours organizing the event and setting up the ergometers as well as our coach Lars Schröder for his commitment and dedication.

A report written by Leon von Kowslowski