43rd Heineken Roeivierkamp Cup 2015

Amstel River

13th – 15th March 2015

On Friday evening part of the rowing team left for the Heineken Cup in Amsterdam. We were able to participate with a coxed men’s eight (8+) and a coxed women’s quad (4x+). The Saturday races consisted of a 2,5 kilometer race and a 250 meters sprint for both our boats. 52 boats participated in the same category as our 8+. Despite the strong competition we made the 12th place in the 2,5k race. After the 250 meter sprint, however, the men’s eight finished on place 21, thus not qualifying for the races the next day. Our 4x+ raced the same race on Saturday and an additional 5 kilometer race plus a 750 meter sprint on Sunday. Unfortunately, they were not able to beat their opponents. However, Amsterdam turned out to be a weekend full of successes and valuable racing experiences for the whole team and showed the potential that Jacobs University has to make this season extremely successful.

As a freshman who joined the rowing team only 6 months ago I am immensely glad to call myself part of the Jacobs University Rowing team. Throughout this season we have proven to be highly motivated and unyielding as we stand together as one. I would not trade this experience for anything.

This report was brought to you be Lennart Knoche