Successful Bremen Meisterschaft!

On the 19th of September, the Jacobs University Rowing team participated in the Bremer Meisterchaft on the Werdersee. The day started out with rain and yawns, arguably a less than perfect combination for the years first regatta. But after the team took a couple wrong buses attempting to get from Bremen Central Station to near the site of the regatta and trudged down a confusing succession of seemingly identical streets to reach the river, the sun began to come out and spirits lifted considerably.

The first race of the day for Jacobs was the women’s double, Natasha Danailovska and Jessi McMullen took Riptide (2x-) out for its first official race and came in a close second. Soon after two of our Gig – Mixed – Quads competed in another 500 meter race and we came in 2nd and 3rd place with the biggest smiles and laughs from all of the new rowers for whom this was their first time ever racing. Everyone ended the race feeling that they had given their all and already talking about how they could not wait to get to race again. The men’s eight raced a 1000 meter race instead of the 500 meters that the double and the quads raced. Despite the intimidating competition, the lack of a coxbox, and the confusingly unclear positioning of the finish line the eight managed to pull ahead at the beginning of the race and hold their lead until the end, defending their title.

After a great first regatta that had resulted in 9 Bremer Meisters and many more excited and happy rowers, we loaded the boats back onto the trailer and headed back to Jacobs to celebrate the day of racing at the Bremer Meisterchaft!

Report done by Catherine Jacob-Dolan



Freshie mixed gig quad.



Bremen Meisters M8+