Success in Celle! The Winning Streak Continues

After a Saturday of racing at the Celle regatta the men’s rowing team remains undefeated. The day began with the Xental-Achtercup, which was a series 350 meter sprints. Two wins were required to win the Xental-Achtercup and with tight racing between the two other eights ( from Celler Ruderverein e.V. and Hermann Billung Celle e.V.) it took four sprints to determine the victor. However, Jacobs eight came out on top wining a 300 euro prize pot which will be donated to help refugees affected by the crisis in the middle east.

The day progressed with the mixed eight, which although was behind off the start, crossed the finish line a boat length ahead of the boat from Celler Ruderverein e.V..

The next race was an inter club race between two Jacobs coxed fours with no other competitors. Still a tense race, one the fours caught a crab off the start allowing the other four to take the lead and the win race. After a long day of racing the mens team had one last race, the open eight. Both boats from Celler Ruderverein e.V. and Jacobs jumped ahead off the start. The two eights continued to race neck and neck down the race course with no clear leader. Crossing the finish line at the exact same time, neither Jacobs or Celler had budged an inch and so the race officials declared it a dead heat.

On the women’s side of things it was also a successful weekend. Despite stiff competition in the women’s quad from the Celler Ruderverein e.V boat, Jacobs finished in second place after some steering issues. Also the women’s team helped win in the mixed eight event and mixed double with Paula Prondzinsky and Ahmed Kebdani placed second in their event.

Overall an exceptional day of racing for the Jacobs team and an important confidence builder to hopefully carry the team to a successful Fall and Winter season.


Womens Double (2x-) Natasha Danailovska and Paula Prondzinsky Boat: RipTide



Winning Mixed Eight (F/M 8+)  Boat: Frieda


Winning Men’s Eight (M8+) Boat: Frieda



Boat: Frieda


Report written by Vincent Jersoch-Herold