Fari Cup 2015

We took the waters on one of the most beautiful days ever seen over the last few years on the Alster. The sun was out and the spirits were high. We had entered four boats this year (freshies M4x+,F4x+, Senior F4x+ and M8+). Both the women’s and men’s freshie boats did considerably well for their first long distance race (4.2 Km). The final place in the standings was not ideal, but the thrill and the desire of racing has officially caught and will now drive them to push even harder for future races.

Both seniors boats did great this year! Each setting new JURT records! The girls managed to finished 2nd place over their 4.2 km race only losing out by 8 seconds, while the means eight finished 3rd over their 7.5 km race with only 6 seconds separating them from the winners. It was a tight one. Enough to keep spirits high and push ourselves even harder.

Full results can be seen here (

By the end of the day we had realized that this was one of the most successful Fari Cups ever for JURT. It was a great way to end the competitive first half of our racing semester.