WE ERGED 3078 KM in 24 HOURS!


Firstly, the JURT would like to thank all the local Bremen club participants (list below), sponsors (list below) and ultimately our donors for their efforts to help us reach our goal. We could have not done any of this without your help. What seemed at first like a daunting task, eventually seemed like an achievable goal as the momentum and support continued to grow. This ultimately resulted in a very significant achievement in many of our lives, with a very important and significant impact in other peoples lives. We were able to raise over 7000 Eu for the local Syrian Refugee village next to Jacobs University operated by the Arbeiter Samarter Bund using the social crowdfunding website (See campaign here).

We would like to send an extra special thanks to the German eight national team for their donation of their gear which allowed us to raise an extra 500 Euro on ebay auction, and for making a solidarity erging video for our cause and giving us a strong social media presence (watch the video on our homepage or facebook page). They really did make this extra special.

Thanks to everyone around the world who completed a solidarity erging video or to our former members who sent us motivational videos. It was great to have the international support.

We hope that this inspired others to do whatever they can to help out refugee groups in their area. There are so many who need help and even the littlest bit of effort helps. Please do what’s in your means.

Here is a list of all the following Participating clubs and sponsors.

Participating clubs:

  • Jacobs Universtiy Rowing Team
  • Vegesacker Ruderverein
  • Bremen 1882
  • Bremer Ruder Club Hansa
  • Bremer Sport Club
  • Ruderverein Osterholz-Scharmbeck e.V