Ergo-Cup 2010. a matter of seconds

It’s February 13th. Wait what’s so important about that? The day before Valentine’s Day? Nope. Last Saturday, it was time for the most important Rowing event on the campus of Jacobs University – THE ERGO-CUP 2010.

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With an unprecedented number of participants, the day started early Saturday morning in the IRC, with a beautiful view over the white Jacobs Campus, still entirely covered by snow. The fact that we are still in the middle of winter did not prevent 280 rowers and a large number of spectators to participate, watch and cheer for the Ergo-Cup.


After the Kids’ Ergo-Cup in the morning, the afternoon started with several heats of 4x500m Relay races and 350m team competitions in which rowers from all over Northern Germany, students from Jacobs and the Jacobs University Rowing Team participated.


As the hours advanced, the tension in the crowded IRC slowly rose in the expectation of the highlight of the day: The 2000m race of the Jacobs Eight against the Eight of the HSBA. Notably the rowers from the HSBA had put a lot of effort into recruiting suitable rowers in terms of height and strength, as only two of the rowers from last year’s race remained.


The Jacobs Eight, well prepared as a result of their intense training camp and several months of indoor training, was ready to accept the challenge. With an enormous improvement on both sides, the teams competed in a heated head-to-head race in which the HSBA won with only a marginal difference. Against the official claims on their website ( ), the difference did not amount to 5 seconds, but actually as little as 1.4 seconds. While the Hamburg Team was rightly proud to have won the Ergo-Cup the second time in a row, the Jacobs Eight took the result with ease.


First of all it is important to highlight that the overall time was improved by almost 15 seconds, which is a great result on both sides. And whoever paid closer attention to last year’s results should know that a loss in the Ergo-Cup was followed by an indisputable victory in the all important race on the water in the middle of May. “The race on the water is a completely different story”, as coach Lars pointed out after the race. Instead of discussing the outcome, the team is looking forward to continuously improve their time as well as getting used to the feeling in the racing eight. A further aspect that will be to the advantage of the Jacobs Eight taking into account the frozen layer that is currently still covering the Alster.


Towards the end of the day, the individual men’s and women’s 1000m races were held and the respective winners awarded with 250 €. The closing event was provided by the two strongest teams of the day, Hamburger und Germania Ruderclub and Vegesacker Ruderverein, ending with an aggregate time of less than one minute over the distance of 350m.

At the end of the day, all participants seemed to be strongly satisfied with the organizations, attendance and spirit of the Ergo-Cup 2010. Special thanks at this point to our internal organizers from CAIA and the Sports Advisors, the Ruder-Bundesliga and all people that came to make this event more entertaining than ever before. And of course – Happy Valentine’s Day…

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Lukas Friedemann