Christening Frieda

The Jacobs University Rowing Team christens the new racing boat for the Eight Race at the Hanse Rowing Cup on May 12th.

It’s an integral part of the Rowing tradition that new boats are not simply used after their purchase, but that they are introduced to their new home in an official ceremony, which entails naming and presenting the boat and its crew. As a result of the great support from the Rowing Team’s main sponsor Lürssen, the coaches were able to acquire a second racing boat after the first acquisition of a racing four earlier this season. The Empacher Racing Eight is exactly what the Rowing Team had been looking for and therefore feels yet more confident about repeating last year’s success in the Hanse Rowing Cup – this time in a lighter and faster boat.

Honoring the support of our main sponsor Lürssen Vice-President Dr. Ziegler-Jöns christened the elegant and dynamic boat yesterday, on a cold and rainy Sunday morning, which will carry Mr. Lürssen’s daughter’s name – FRIEDA. The event at the Vegesacker Ruderverein was followed by the presentation of another two boats for the Vegesacker Masters Rowers and the traditional Anrudern, historically marking the beginning of the Rowing Season. Quite in contrast to the tradition, the Jacobs University Rowing Team finds itself in the middle of the intensive final phase to prepare all forces for the upcoming race in Hamburg on May 12th. And one verdict can already be made concerning the race – it will certainly not be decided by the quality of the boat, but rather the technique and strength of its rowers.

Lukas Friedemann